The Cooper Shed and Tenant House

An image of the Cooper's Shed

Doub's Mill

An image of Doub's Mill

Doubís Mill is located in the village of Beaver Creek located on the outskirts of Washington County MD. It is a small village encompassing 12 buildings that includes 6 residential homes. The prominent structure is the simple and elegant limestone gristmill. The majority of the buildings were constructed in the late 18th and early 19th century. The village was designated a National Historic District, "Doubs Mill Historic District" in 1979. It was and still is a quaint village, with the Beaver Creek being the prominent geological feature. The stone buildings bear the evidence of German architecture; they are simple and sturdy with much attention given to detail. The prominent early families were the Newcomer's, Funk's and Doub's.

The Doubís Mill complex consists of 3 stone buildings located on a 7.93 acre tract: The Mill where the flour was manufactured, the Tenant House where a mill worker lived and the Cooper Shed where the barrels were manufactured. All three buildings have been renovated.

The Mill, Cooper's Shed and Tenant House are used as residences.

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